We have a fully qualified design team that will calculate the most energy efficient location for your system. They take into account solar orientation, room sizes, insulation properties of the building and aesthetics. This ensures that the most energy efficient system is placed in-situ giving you the best value for money long term.


Except for very small capacity equipment, the installation of air conditioning or heating requires a degree of expertise beyond that of the average home owner, and legislation requires that refrigeration and electrical work is carried out by qualified trades. At Laguna Bay Airconditioning we treat every job individually and carry out the necessary calculations for capacity (heat load) and air quality. Thus ensuring the customer has an energy efficient and cost effective system to enjoy for maximum comfort.

Service & Maintenance

After sales service with ongoing regular maintenance assists with the performance and life of all air-conditioning equipment. We understand the importance of air conditioning to you and we want to make sure your system is functioning when you need it most. Our scope of work includes checking all operation, electrical, fans, motors, belts, gas charge, drains, cleaning of condenser coils and air filters and general appearance. Laguna Bay Airconditioning also offers a unique 5 year warranty on all installations as part of our programmed maintenance contracts.


Laguna Bay Airconditioning has a qualified electrician on the team and we are able to cater to all our customers’ domestic and commercial electrical needs, including the installation of ceiling fans as a supplement or addition to the air conditioning system.