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Efficient Heating Choices

Heating choices to consider

Once you’ve taken advantage of any relevant passive heating options, the next step is to choose appropriate heating for your situation. There are many different types of products with different sources of energy and levels of efficiency.

Your climate, type of heater, how you use it and even its position in the room can make a big difference to your comfort and heating bills. By choosing the right size and system for your home you can avoid paying for energy you don’t need.

Central heating can often heat a whole house, whereas space (room) heating heats the room (or more in an open plan area) that’s in use. Whether you choose central or space heating, there is a variety of heating technologies and options to consider—for you it will depend on your circumstances including the size of the rooms being heated, the number of people in your household and your local climate. There are many heating choices to consider, however we recommend reverse cycle all the time.

Did you know?

Reverse-cycle air conditioners (or heat pumps) are the most energy efficient type of electric heater.

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